In no particular order –


Some little comics I don’t know where else to put : )




Teef and Lugs
Here are a few little comics based around some characters I developed who are beautiful on the inside.




Fox Encounter
True story.




Squirrel Story
A story about a squirrel inspired by people littering.




Ever found it difficult to sleep?




Nut Story
A story inspired by my love of nuts. Inked with a fountain pen and coloured in pencil.




Big Hair Girl
Do you have hard to control hair? You might like this one. Inspired by my friend Naomi Sasayama.




Bo Solo
A comic book about a boy who learns how to communicate better. Made for BT Education this comic was printed in the hundreds of thousands and was very popular. I still get requests for digital versions – if you are interested in this please go to the Resources page. I wrote this and it was illustrated using indian ink and then scanned, cleaned and digitally coloured.


A comic with no words about a very unfortunate little girl




Black Cloud
Short comic with no words about depression.




I Found Your Wallet
My lost wallet leads to a new acquaintance. True story.




Kitty and the Funny Things
A comic I made for Kitty and her family.




Molly and the Pirate
A comic book I made for BT Education promoting good communication skills. Very popular and was printed in the hundreds of thousands. I wrote this and it was illustrated using a dip pen, paintbrush, and indian ink.



Bill and the Mermaid
Very silly comic drawn in ink and pencil.