From Caveman to Spaceman – Movies

From Caveman to Spaceman are education resources I made for BT Education. BT no longer host them so I’m making them available here as they are still popular and I often get requests for them. The four little films give a potted history of communication and in so doing help children think about how we communicate. Teachers and parents have told me they are popular wvery with all children but are particular helpful for children with Aspergers syndrome. I would love to do more work of this kind.

Originally the following little films were made in Flash and were interactive, but nowadays flash is not a helpful format – doesn’t work on mobile devices and most browsers refuse to play it for security reasons. So I recorded them as mp4 files for you. You can watch them here or click on the vimeo logo (bottom right corner of each video) to go to their vimeo page where you can download them.

Chapter 1: In the beginning

Chapter 2: Communication in everyday life

Chapter 3: Early technology

Chapter 4: Modern technology