Hello! Thanks for stopping by and, if you have time, please have a good look around.
I've spent over 20 years creating illustrations, comics, and animations - for the most part through word of mouth. I started out making things for the education sector and then for the marketing world for many years. These days I have largely left the marketing work behind as I once again become increasingly interested in creating work  with no other agenda but to educate, explain, and always entertain. 
During my time in the marketing world I learnt to edit and shoot video. Outside of the visual arts I've also worked as an English teacher in Japan and the UK, and combining both these skills I've held comic creating workshops in primary and high schools across the UK.
Whether drawing digitally or with traditional materials, I aim to create images that of course support and reinforce what they illustrate, but also intrigue the audience - encouraging the viewer to wonder what led to the scene they're looking at - and what might happen next!
I tend towards 2d, hand drawn, frame-by-frame animation but I also have extensive experience at a more motion graphics approach to animation where code, key-framing, and effects are used to manipulate graphical elements, often combining the two methods to get the best from both worlds.  Animating alone gives me great pleasure – but I'm never happier when animating my own drawings.
I pay strong attention not just to how my films look but to how they sound. Good use of sound can really elevate a film to the next level, and this is perhaps particularly true of animated films. Many of my films feature sound effects I've created myself - and one or two of them I voice over. 
Along with decades of experience editing scripts I've also written educational comics and animated films, both of which have proved popular. 
When I'm not creating work for clients I enjoy painting, printing, and using charcoal and thick coloured pencils -  unsurprisingly these works often go on to inform my commercial work.
Thank you for reading about me : )

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