Litter Buggin
A short film about litter

Opening scene from 'Litter Buggin'

Synopsis: An old man and some friendly aliens investigate why there's a lot more litter on Earth than there used to be.
They discover that the problem with litter is not so much about who is littering as it is about what litter is made of.
Viewers will learn how the misuse of plastics in disposable packaging and products have created litter's worst offenders,
be reminded of the effects litter has on wildlife,
what litter does to our environment,
and how littering reduces our quality of life.
The film is intended to help people learn about the importance of not littering and the need to reduce our dependency on plastic disposable products and packaging. In this way it aims to encourage people to support and instigate social, industrial, and commercial reform to reduce the pollution that results from litter.
Viewers can watch alone or the film can be used as an educational resource where it can serve as a basis to provoke group discussion on the subject of littering.
Production of the film is well underway but funds are needed to continue - if you would like to learn more about the film and are interested in helping distribute, fund, or use the film please get in touch.
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