Making Friends with Bo Solo
An educational comic  to help children learn about communication skills. 
Age range: approximately 7-11 years old. 
The five stories focus on different aspects of communication – sharing air time, listening, opinions, and describing.  Originally produced for BT Education they no longer make it available online, teachers, parents and people working with children have asked me to provide it and so I've made it available here. When published in 2005 it was printed in the hundreds of thousands.

Molly and the Pirate

Another comic for 7-11 year olds about communication skills

From Caveman to Spaceman
Age range: approximately 7-11 years old.
The history of communication in 4 chapters. This resource is particularly useful for children who may find communicating difficult at time, such as children with Asperger syndrome or Autism for example.
Originally an interactive resource animated in Flash, I converted the series to videos so that the Flash plug-in would no longer be required as it is often a barrier.
Bailey Bear's Listening Walk
Educational game to help young children practice listening and describing.
Originally created in Adobe Flash for BT's education programme, I have created these video versions so as to do away with the need for the Flash plug-in.
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